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  • Charging Blocked due to moisture, but no moisture

    I am unable to charge my LGG6 device. I get the following error:

    "Moisture has been detected in the USB port. Immediately stop charging and disconnect the USB cable. Make sure the USB port and charging cable are completely free of moisture before charging."

    There is no moisture in the cable port, and I've wiped it down several times with a paper towel. My phone is dead and I can't charge it :(. Any tips?
  • No Signal when I try to connect PC with TV from HDMI


    When the Win 10 laptop is connected, does the computer recognize that an external display is connected?

    If yes, it may be a matter of manually adjusting the output resolution to find one that's compatible.  The graphics card shows a max resolution of  2560x1600, while our TVs are mostly 3,840 x 2,160.  The TV will upscale lower resolutions, but it has to be a supported resolution.

    I would also double check that the nvidia drivers are up-to-date, and check the settings in the nvidia experience app to see if anything looks out of place (maybe the nvidia app has it's own control for extending to another screen).

    Another possibility is that the Win 10 computer isn't extending the display by default, you may need to manually tell it whether you want to extend or duplicate the display.

    Another thing to check is the cable you're using.  Your graphics card looks like it uses an HDMI mini cable, which I would guess is different than Win 8 PC, which likely uses a normal HDMI.  If the cables are different, that may explain why it works on one and not the other.  Do you have another 4k TV you can use to test if the Win 10 PC works on that?  If it doesn't work on other 4k devices either, you may need to update the cable.

    The last thing I can think of at the moment is to check the inputs on the TV.  Depending on the model, the HDMI ports may support different frequencies (HDMI 1 - 4k@60Hz, HDMI 2 - 4k@30Hz).  If yours have different frequencies, try to adjust the output frequency from the PC to match the input (this should be in the nvidia experience app).

    Let me know if any of that works!

    If all else fails, post back with your TVs model number and I'll do some more research.

  • Windows air conditioner frozen after power surge


    Thanks for the helpful tip!  I'm sorry our customer service didn't have the answer for you, but I'll make sure this gets into their troubleshooting materials. 

  • Poor Customer Service

    I am actually sitting on hold for management now for 25 minutes to talk to someone about replacing my refrigerator.   It is less than a year old and has not been cooling now for 1 month.   They want to call me in 1 - 2 business days regarding the 4th repair on my refrigerator to talk about a replacement then.   Obvious to me that LG has no interest in their customers needs or customer satisfaction.   I would prefer to have my money back and buy a different manufactured refrigerator as this LG has become my worst nightmare.  
  • Smart TV stopped connecting to wifi

    Many thanks for posting about this issue. I too am having the same problem. What is the point of having a SMART TV (and pay the big $$) if you can't use it. Are there other avenues that we can take in order to get a rep. to respond? This is ridiculous. If word continues to get out about this people with steer clear of LG SMART TV's this needs to be addressed. 

    Our fridge quit working over a MONTH ago.  LG gives us the same lingo every time we call...... we will send in a service ticket and call back in 3-5 business days.  They NEVER call back! They have yet to come fix our fridge.  We have called once a week or more for the past month and we still have the same broken fridge.  No one has come to fix it.  Our fridge is just over  A YEAR OLD and already breaking down.  No one in our area will come work on it because of the way LG treats them.  LG DOES NOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT.  Today I talked to the highest level at LG and she was so awful I almost cried.  Her name is Jessica and she would not do anything, she wasn't even listening. I'm pretty sure she put the phone down whenever I spoke, I had to keep asking if she was still there! 
    Save yourself the headache and frustration, don't buy LG!!!!
  • Last/latest ideas for LG V40

    LG, i still have no idea how much you listen to your fans and others but still these are reminder ideas what we would like to see and improve for this LG V40.

     (1.) Ir Blaster- Top high end smartphones are getting rid of key features in today's 2018 smartphone market but,with this feature added to this MULTIMEDIA VIDEO POWER HOUSE, it will be a key point if you can fit this unique feature BACK.
     (2.) Front Camera/cameras _ First of all, improvement on visual/quality for video recording from LG V30. Add the manual MODE and other features from the rear camera to the front camera. Keep all current features the camera have but improve with more. Make the front camera as good as possible with EXTRA slo motion feature to record for a long time ,4k with manual mode,improve dynamic range,quality, exposure, color temperature, add aperture to open  widen or smaller for more/less light to enter like what s9 have( LG should've been the first to this feature but it is what it's). I would like to see a the camera app open faster and take picture between objects faster/focus faster. Also, I heard of the 5 cameras your going add which is AWESOME(if true) but add portrait mode, extra zoom and keep that wide angle and add features/improve on video .
     (3.) OLED Screen- Right now on my LG V30, I am enjoying my beautiful OLED display on my V30 so please IMPROVE on it to be the BEST display ever and PLEASEEEEEEEE, no NOTCH. Thinner the BEZELS in ALL CORNERS and SIDES with a 6.4 inch SUPER QHD POLED True to color DISPLAY.
     (4.) Add more Features- Add more features like record a short video on my phone,Add back indicator light for notification, like the inside of a s class merscedes-benz with the color assent light, add assent light for notification, contacts and for different purpose. Add back GUEST MODE which is a key feature also, finger scanner to use as navigation, slight top to open apps and other features, lock screen will show you top news, reminders and other nice features, different mode to optimize the phone profermance, take advantage of the beautiful screen to enhance picture quality/video and more. Add ALOT MORE FEATURES and make it optional to remove bloatware. Add more features to the floating bar like top news,recent browsing site, weather forcast, LG health, reminder, miss call and any more neat cool features.
     (5.) Stylus- I mention the stylus in a previous discussion but listen to your fans and others LG. The V series is a MULTIMEDIA VIDEO POWERRRR HOUSEE and it should have tons of features at it disposal. I should be awesome with a lot more than the V30. The stylus should be something of the V series and it should be as good was tablet stylus or even better.
     (6.) Bottom firing speaker- From what I saw you guys did to the LG G7, the bottom firing speaker is awesome but I think you guys should add a equalizer adjustment for highs, lows, bass and tweets for the V series. At the loudest, you should be able to adjust it for cleaner,clarity sound and cancel distortion which will be cool to see as this is the best for Media power house in my opinion.

     (7.) More Ram and Storage_ The ram should atleast be 6GB of ram and Storage 126 and 256gb for this MULTIMEDIA POWER HOUSE and should be FAST or faster than those Chinese phone and other top high ends.
     (8.) Bring back SELF healing_ IF you can bring back self healing from the flex 2 some how, it will be cool.
     (9.) MORE colors- try a clash of colors to the phone body. 2 or 3 different tone of colors to the body of the phone or try giving the fingerprint scanner an assent color, the top mic or volume rocker a color accent.
     (10.) Bigger battery_ Mentioned in previous discussion, add a 3900mah/4000mah or 3890mah battery.
      (11.) BIGHTER OUTDOOR MODE_ 1000nits with the g7 but is 1100 nits and keep the vibrant true to beautiful colors is a +.
    (12.) Faster updates_ We would like to see faster patches and faster android updates from LG.
    LG if you listen to the people who care about your products, heads will truly turn. communication, customers assistance to sort out problems or what the matter and more should improve and things should be good.
  • TV Picture Settings and Optimization

    I just purchased a LG60SJ8000 tv.  I am trying to find the perfect picture settings. Any suugestions.
  • Android Auto

    Nothing I do will allow my newly acquired G6 to attach to my car's android auto display.  I have a T-Mobile locked version, and it's on Oreo 8.0.  When will this be fixed? My wife's HTC 10 that is on 6.0 works with the car's android auto interface flawlessly, as did my old note 5.
  • Magic remote

    How do i setup magic remote when all my devices are connected by HDMI to Marantz AVR and then by ARC HDMI to TV?