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Hi All, I got my LG WT7200C* washer. I like it. It is very quite. The only problem is lack of instruction for wifi setup. Does anyone know how to do it?


Posted on 2017-10-29 05:40:06 Washers Vote Up0Vote Down

Hi All,

I got my LG WT7200C* washer. I like it. It is very quite. The only problem is lack of instruction for wifi setup. Does anyone know how to do it?




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    RE: WT7200C

    halftogohalftogo Member
    Posted on 2017-10-30 21:17:47 Vote Up0Vote Down

    Hi Rui!

    I have never succeeded at getting it to work and I called LG 3 times this past week -- but this is what I was told to do

    Sset up an account. I was told to go to (with a capital Q) but actually the only site that worked for me signing up is Set up an account and add your appliances if you've not already registered them with the serial numbers. I read that you have to register the items with LG before you can use the app. Not sure if this may be just for the diagnostics of the machine but ...

    Then go to your device (ie, iPhone) and download the SmartThinQ app. I don't remember, but I think I had to sign up on the app so I used the same login info. Then you have to go through the steps on the SmartThinQ app to register your products.
    This machine does not have a "tag," does have a SmartThinQ logo and does have a touch panel.

    After you get this far, when it says to go to your appliance settings and find the wifi connect button - , there is no 'settings' button on this machine so you have to find the wifi button which I think is under the 'delayed soak' or one of the buttons on your machine display panel under the left group of options. Make sure the 7200 washer is turned on.

    Open the wifi area on your phone under settings where you go to sign in to get on your home wifi.

    Hold your finger on the wifi button your the 7200 washer display panel for a few seconds and you should see the wifi cone light up in red on the very top of the machine next to the window that shows the time left in a cycle. The wifi cone signal is on the very left side ( sorry - don't have the machine in front of me but it's there. )

    On your phone you should see LG-xxxx (not sure what it was) but it will be one of the wifi networks. Click on the LG-xxxx network and then go to the SmartThinQ app. There will be a button that says "register" your appliance. If the wifi is working correctly, - the red cone is sold and not blinking -it will allow you to register the machine.

    It's complicated and I never found any instructions as how to set this up. I've talked with LG about this and not sure why they can't provide this information somewhere.

    As I mentioned, it has never worked for me as my wifi signal will only blink on the 7200 washer. They say the router has to be somewhat close to the machine or you'll need a wifi booster. My router is upstairs but I do have a wifi booster not far from the machine. Guess I'll keep trying to figure it out. I thought I saw somewhere in googling info that you had to have your router set on a specific setting but can't seem to find where I read about that.

    Good luck!

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    RE: WT7200C

    shaunfrisbeeshaunfrisbee Member
    Posted on 2018-03-24 16:23:09 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Did either of you get this to work? My dryer connects without issue. The washer doesn’t connect at all. 
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    RE: WT7200C

    Shellbell25Shellbell25 Member
    Posted on 2018-04-11 03:40:52 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Both of my machines connected with no problems....I just wish it was compatible with the 5GHz,...actually it might be, I'll have to try it!!! 
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    RE: WT7200C

    mindyvossmindyvoss Member
    Posted on 2018-05-28 23:19:21 Vote Up5Vote Down
    Shellbell25, did you try the same steps as halftogo? I cant seem to get the wifi to come up on the washer.
    Could they have made this any harder???
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    RE: WT7200C

    sintrixsintrix Member
    Posted on 2018-06-07 19:01:25 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Ok, everyone I figured it out. 
    Note: I am using a Samsung Galaxy 8, I am also a network/devops engineer.

    THE FIX:
    Phone>Settings>Connections>Phone Visibility (set this to on)

    1. Download "smart thinQ" app on google play.
    2. Open app and add device via + button
    3. Select OK, Select General Washer, TAGON/NFC - select no, Smart ThinQ - select yes, Touch Screen - Select No.
    4. Power on washer.
    5. Hold ( delay wash / wifi ) button for 3 seconds.

    This should allow you to finish connecting the device to your wifi via your phone app and finish registration.

    Note: Some people have reported they had to manually connect to the washer WiFi signal, this becomes available after holding down the wifi button for 3 seconds on the washer. I did not have to do this, but try it if everything else fails.

    Remember that nothing worked until I made my phone visible by enabling visibility in the settings as mentioned above. 

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    RE: WT7200C

    jgmarcottejgmarcotte Member
    Posted on 2018-07-13 16:34:30 Vote Up5Vote Down
    Since it was working for Sintrix, I tried again and this time while the application was saying "wait for 5 minutes" I looked at the Wi-Fi on my phone to find out my phone was connected on the Washer Wi-Fi instead of my Home Wi-Fi. Back to Smart ThinQ, it's was asking for Wi-Fi Network and password.  I was surprised but enter the info for my home Wi-Fi and it's working since. 
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    RE: WT7200C

    MotoMoto Member
    Posted on 2019-02-02 09:19:26 Vote Up0Vote Down
    The tricky part is making sure you switch your WiFi to the correct network at the right time. Washer and dryers have their own network and the passwords for each network is noted at the end of the wifi network name. It's a 4 character alphanumeric code. Enter that twice as your password. Once connected to either washer or drier, it has you connect to your router network. It's a lot of steps. I had to try it a couple times before it made sense.
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    RE: WT7200C

    FutureFuture Member
    Posted on 2019-07-19 12:48:12 Vote Up0Vote Down
    My Lg washer turns off after the count down and the sound recorder does not work after the washer turns off. Does anyone have this same problem?
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