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Points, Badges and Levels

One important thing about LG is that we always develop innovative ideas to ensure that Life's Good for you.

Points, Badges and Levels

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One important thing about LG is that we always develop innovative ideas to ensure that Life's Good for you. Points, badges, ranks and levels are an achievement system to showcase your participation within the LG Community Forum. You earn badges and get promoted to power user levels as you complete specific activities or achieve a specific milestone. Activities such as answering forum questions, uploading your picture, writing blog articles will earn you badges which will are displayed on your profile, the power user level badges displayed on your forum discussions or comments will showcase your credibility and earn you more level of trust in the community.


Points are automatically awarded in real-time based on your active performance and activities on the community forum. For example, uploading your profile picture, creating a discussion or provide answers to discussions will earn you points.

Points are used to measure your level of participation, award badges and also promote your level in the community forum.


Badges are also automatically awarded in real time based on specific activities and milestones on the community forum. Some activities include super fast reflexes to respond to questions quickly on the forum, receiving accepted answers and helpful votes, mentioning someone for direct comments, increased amount of helpful discussions and many more.


When you leave provide answers to questions/discussions on the community forum, other participants can choose to vote if your comment is Helpful or Not Helpful. This is how we can measure if you were able to provide relevant helpful information that can help resolve the issue.

We use the scores of your helpful or not helpful to understand how people value your opinion to their discussion on the community forum.


When you provide answers to questions on the community forum, the person who asked the question can choose if your answer solves the problem or not. This is the most effective way to earn points and get promoted into new levels.


There are three levels of Power Users on the community forum; Contributors, Experts and MVPs. Each of he level has a badge and description displayed along the user's comment and discussion. Becoming a power user on the community forum gives you extra super powers and a chance to be rewarded by LG for your contributions to the community forum. To learn more about LG's appreciation reward to our community leaders, visit our Power Users page for more information.

Contributors Experts Gurus
Provide Answers YES YES YES
Move/Merge Discussions NO YES YES
Moderate other user's Discussion NO NO YES
Close Discussions NO NO YES
Write Articles YES YES YES
Moderate Articles YES YES YES
Rewards Certificate of Appreciation

LG Tone Headphone
LG's Annual Exclusive Party
Award of Excellence Plaque
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