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Does the LG K4 LTE VS425 Verizon Wireless suffer from the "KRACK" attack security vulnerability?


Does the LG K4 LTE VS425 Verizon Wireless suffer from the "KRACK" attack security vulnerability?

Posted on 2017-11-08 23:18:32 Verizon Phones Vote Up0Vote Down
*NOTE*: this discussion requires that only an LG employee responds to confirm it is, or is not affected, and if affected, please advise when a new firmware will be released that addresses this issue. If you don't work for LG, please don't respond.

As an owner of an LG K4 LTE VS425 for Verizon Wireless, I'd like to know if it suffers from the "KRACK" attack security vulnerability?

For more on the "KRACK" attack please see:

The phone details:

LG was notified August 28, 2017 of this issue by CERT, but no official response has been advised by LG, and no firmware update has been issued since.

I've submitted this inquiry online on November 3, 2017 via:

I received a response from:
LG Customer Service
LGEAI | Customer Interactive Center

who advised I would be contacted within 24-48 business hours. I wasn't.

I called in today to follow up, and spoke with Agnus, who advised they have no records of my interaction with Jade, or an email communication from me. Agnus wanted to send the phone in for a repair to the repair depot. I advised this is a security issue, and you could give me a new LG K4 phone but it wouldn't change the problem. She kept insisting to send it to the repair depot, so I requested a supervisor.

Agnus's supervisor Jack refused to escalate this issue to his manager or to LG's Corporate security department, claimed there is nobody to transfer this issue to, his manager doesn't take phone calls, and that he won't be transfering the call. Jack advised the only thing he can do is create a case with a case number, and send the case to the repair depot... uhhhhhh what?!


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