Checked out the LG G7 thin Q

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Today I was out and about and decided to stop in at local phone carrier store to check out the LG G7. I went to look strictly out of curiosity. Within 30 seconds I started to dislike the device. Why??? Because of the bloatware. The amount of pre installed apps was mind blowing. The second thing that caught my attention was the device seem very slow. 
A sales representative told me if I singed a two year contract my activation would be wave and I could trade my LG G6 in as down payment. (I didn't ask how much my trade in would be). I told the person no thanks I am not interested in the G7.
They ask me if I was a fan of the G7. I said no and quickly rattle off some problems.
I also explained that LG is horrible when it comes to providing soft ware support, that combined with all of the problems I have had with the G7 has made come to truly hate LG as a whole
I left telling the person while the G7 wasn't on my next potential phone list I did find a new contender as a replacement device.

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