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Windows air conditioner frozen after power surge

I'm posting this in case someone else runs into this problem.

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Windows air conditioner frozen after power surge

Posted on 2018-08-05 12:19:34 LG ThinQ Vote Up0Vote Down
I'm posting this in case someone else runs into this problem. Not sure if it is a dysfunction of the air conditioner or of smartthinq, so I'm tagging it both ways. 
We had a power surge a couple of weeks ago, while our Smartthinq window air conditioner was running. It was a very brief surge, enough to reset some clocks in the house but not all of them. After the power resumed, I was unable to turn the air conditioner back on. Did the test/reset thing on the power cord, no help. Tried other outlet in the house, still no help. Reviewed the manual, and online information, still no help. Finally called LG Tech Support. They had no suggestions other than what I had already tried. They finally put in a ticket with the local repair shop. Ultimately this did nothing, because the local shop called me 2 weeks later! It might have been helpful if Tech Support had told me which repair shop to follow up with. Anyway, several hours later I landed on a Google search for resetting similar devices, not LG. Disconnect from wall for 10 minutes, then reconnect and power on. It appears that the mainboard had become confused, and needed a cold reboot. Found out later that night that one of my TV's had the same problem, and for that one I did need a hotkey combo to get it working. But the root cause was not electric so much as it was like rebooting a computer.

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    RE: Windows air conditioner frozen after power surge

    Posted on 2018-08-19 01:19:13 Vote Up2Vote Down

    Thanks for the helpful tip!  I'm sorry our customer service didn't have the answer for you, but I'll make sure this gets into their troubleshooting materials. 


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