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Help with LG-SP200 (Tribute Dynasty)

A couple months agoago I noticed my phone was acting very odd.

Help with LG-SP200 (Tribute Dynasty)

Posted on 2018-09-27 13:31:30 Sprint Phones Vote Up0Vote Down
A couple months agoago I noticed my phone was acting very odd. There were voice recordings being saved without my knowledge of them even taking place or how, when looking up certain things online it's like I'm being redirected to different sites or it'll just freeze until I abandon the search, there's a system update now but saysit can't install unless I put in my other SIM card.... I dont have another one. The one that came with the phone is in. Also when the screen is locked and I'd try to turn on the flashlight from the pull down menu bar it would say it's unable to be used due to another app or program using the camera/flash ability. Oh and i opened up the developer menu (i can't say this enough... I have NO idea what I'm doing) and when going into Google Services, then Goggle Play services modules, why does it have kids with a line through it? And even more oddities but this for starters. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just want to use it to take pictures, look up funny animal videos with my family, and play bingo..... Without the worry of have a telephony. (Also something that i found.... Telephony and access target, remote control) 


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    RE: Help with LG-SP200 (Tribute Dynasty)

    MayaLGMayaLG Member
    Posted on 2018-11-19 15:14:01 Vote Up0Vote Down
    I would strongly recommend that you do a FDR (Factory Data Reset). This should resolve the issues that you are experiencing. 
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