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Community Use Agreement

This LG Electronics Community Use Agreement (the “Agreement”) contains important information regarding usage of the LG Electronics Community website (the “Site”).

Community Use Agreement

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This LG Electronics Community Use Agreement (the “Agreement”) contains important information regarding usage of the LG Electronics Community website (the “Site”).

You must accept this Agreement to use the LG Electronics Community website.   If You choose to accept this Agreement, You agree to:

LG Electronics reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement and change or discontinue the Site at any time without prior notice to You. You may discontinue Your usage of the Site if any future change is unacceptable to You.

Please review this Agreement frequently as Your continued use of the Site will constitute acceptance of this Agreement and any modification to it.


1.        USAGE

1.1       You are at least thirteen (13) years old to access, use, and post on the Site.

1.2       Post material on the Site that is service-related in nature, focused on LG products and supporting other LG customers.

1.3       Not disclose any personally identifiable information on the Site.

1.4       Not to post material on the Site that is harassing, threatening,
offensive, disruptive, slanderous, defamatory, speculative/unsubstantiated, abusive, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, hateful, pornographic or otherwise illegal.

1.5       Not to post material in violation of applicable copyright and trademark   laws.

1.6       Not to use the Site for advertising or commercial purposes.

1.7       That LG Electronics has the right and license to use any material posted by You on the Site on a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive worldwide   basis.

1.8       That LG Electronics may gather and maintain any material posted on the Site by You. LG Electronics will maintain such material in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Neither LG Electronics nor its service partner that administers the Site will be responsible for any data breach attempted by any outside third-party.

1.9       LG Electronics does not endorse any material posted by You or any   other LG Community participants on the Site.

1.10   LG Electronics may edit or remove any material posted by You that violates the Agreement and may permanently block You from the Site for posting such material.  However, LG Electronics will not be liable for failure to edit or remove any material that violates this Agreement and blocking such LG Community participant from the Site.

1.11   You are not permitted to transfer or assign any of Your rights or obligations arising under this Agreement without the prior written consent of LG Electronics

1.12   Should You have any questions about Your use of the Site, please post Your question on the Site or email LG Electronics using the Report Site Problem

To read the full terms of agreement, click here to visit our Use of Agreement page for detailed information.

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