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I'm trapped in someone's DPL , VPN.


Posted on 2018-12-04 04:26:44 T-Mobile Phones Vote Up0Vote Down
I'm trapped in someone's DPL , VPN. Can someone tell me how I disconnect my phone ,wifi, TVs so pretty much none of them are my IPs they come back as someone's business network. So I'm not in control of anything and wifi is coming from my roommates smart TV. But nobody is home and I keep the router from cable unhooked. I only have a phone that connected from wifi cause this problem. ,maybe a code or few from github in my boot loader. And that's there tunnel. All my apps are from Google apps. And none are mine but all the ones that are shut off. 


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    RE: DSL OR VPN REMOVAL (android)

    AlexanderAlexander LG Moderator
    Posted on 2018-12-10 15:34:54 Vote Up0Vote Down
    @micheal2018, Good day,

    If you are connected to your phones VPN, you can go to setting > connection > VPN > remove. If your units are connected to another wifi network than the one you want, you can go into their network settings and connect you your wifi.
    If you or your room mate have set up a VPN for your modem, that would not be something LG can help,
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