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SmartThinQ "label" the wrong information (MINOR)

I have attached screen shot of the SmartThinQ

SmartThinQ "label" the wrong information (MINOR)

Posted on 2017-12-07 19:50:50 Washers Vote Up0Vote Down
I have attached screen shot of the SmartThinQ

This first picture shows I have set up a Delay and it's counting down.  The time was 11:05pm and counter is at 55Mins

The second picture shows that the "Start Time" is 3:13AM WHICH IS INCORRECT!  It should be Labeled "EXPECTED END TIME" or Change the "3:13AM" to 12:10AM 

The Last picture shows the actual time the wash/dry was done.  As it matches the second picture's "3:13am" estimated time. 

I also emailed LG directly, but I don't know if they will ever get that information to their software engineering


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    RE: SmartThinQ "label" the wrong information (MINOR)

    sanmisanmi Administrator, LG Moderator
    Posted on 2018-08-30 21:27:46 Vote Up0Vote Down
    hello unfortunately I could not see your screenshots, the album you shared is empty. Have you got any feedback from the support team?
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