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27uk600-w g-sync support?

Hi. Does this monitor support Nvidia g-sync?

27uk600-w g-sync support?

Posted on 2019-01-31 10:24:22 IPS Monitors Vote Up0Vote Down
Hi. Does this monitor support Nvidia g-sync? I saw this monitor on display and the display is really good and the price is affordable, but I can't find any info.


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    RE: 27uk600-w g-sync support?

    JamalofLGJamalofLG LG Moderator
    Posted on 2019-02-08 17:36:21 Vote Up0Vote Down
    zenZen, the 27UK600 would have FreeSync but we would not have any information as if G-sync would be supported. If you turn on FreeSync in the monitor's menu, you would need to go into the Nvidia menu settings and enable G-sync and from there it should advise if it would be compatible.

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