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34GK950 F or G ?

Want buy 34GK950 34GK950F - 144hz 34GK950G -120hz I have 2080TI.

34GK950 F or G ?

Posted on 2019-03-15 00:04:47 edited March 2019 21:9 UltraWide Monitors Vote Up0Vote Down
Want buy 34GK950

34GK950F - 144hz
34GK950G -120hz

I have 2080TI.

Nvidia now support FreeSync. If there is no difference. Then buy 950F? Since there is more Hz.

Plz answer somebody . 2 weeks can not buy monitor. I can not find the answer.



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    RE: 34GK950 F or G ?

    JamalofLGJamalofLG LG Moderator
    Posted on 2019-03-15 18:45:39 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Max686, the monitors are identical apart from the Adaptive Sync. The 950F would support Freesync 2 while the 950G would support the NVIDIA G-SYNC. 

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    RE: 34GK950 F or G ?

    BVRBVR Member
    Posted on 2019-04-01 06:12:55 Vote Up0Vote Down
    I had the same option with a gtx1080, I went with the 34GK950F-B
    I didnt want to have a crippled monitor and didnt want to pay extra for it.
    GS board= DisplayPort 1.2, 120 htz , no hdr, not 10bit color.
    FS2 board= DisplayPort 1.4, 144 htz, hdr, 10bit color.

    The freesync2 version is working perfectly with my nvidia card, although nvidia did not add it to there driver, option is off.
    I am noticing no frame or tearing problems at all.
    The monitor is set for 144htz and in most games I can hold that but even if the frame rate drops there is no visual artifacts at all. I cant say everyone will have the same results but I feel I made the best choice. 

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