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V20 Sprint unlocked don't work

hi, i bought an unlocked LG v20, the phone is LS997 (sprint model) + GSM unlocked.

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V20 Sprint unlocked don't work

Posted on 2017-12-19 22:18:02 Unlocked Phones Vote Up0Vote Down

i bought an unlocked LG v20, the phone is LS997 (sprint model) + GSM unlocked.
when i insert my sim (from other carrier) the internet connection is only patrial work, for example: i can watch video on youtube but can't open Ebay app, I can browse at chrome bat can't search at google from google search widgt. i recive messages from whatsApp but can't send messages/photos back.
i check with my carrier and they set everything as it should be (APN and so).
i try to make a factory data reaset, network settings reaset but nothing help.

i really need help ASAP.

thanks a lot


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    RE: V20 Sprint unlocked don't work

    stf7stf7 Power User
    Posted on 2017-12-20 15:26:52 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Why aren't you inserting a SPRINT SIM card?
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    RE: V20 Sprint unlocked don't work

    rushfan3rushfan3 Member
    Posted on 2019-05-24 07:11:27 Vote Up0Vote Down

    He or she might have done what I did... which is had to buy the phone outright to use it at said carrier and then decided that they were not happy with the carrier, Sprint, so they moved to a new carrier.
    However, when I moved from Metro PCS to xFinity Mobile, I decided to lease to own my Stylo 4 and took my Stylo 2 Plus that I bought outright from Metro and put a Tracfone Sim in it because it's only for my elderly mother, and she doesn't need the latest Android OS, but I wanted her to have a smartphone because she has apps she likes using for shopping and checking her bank account balance in the banking app, as well as using her credit card app to check what's available on her credit card as well as making sure there's no hidden fees on it. 
    Only two things I am missing on my Stylo 4 from xFinity is the extra space that I would have gotten if I stayed with Metro, and the NFC chip to do contactless payments at a register or gas pump. Hopefully, when I pay this one off, they have the next model with the NFC in it, because I was rather enjoying it in the Stylo 2 Plus. 
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    RE: V20 Sprint unlocked don't work

    rushfan3rushfan3 Member
    Posted on 2019-05-24 07:22:31 Vote Up0Vote Down

    With this new carrier, it might be possible that your SIM is bad. Call your carrier and tell them that you are experiencing data issues and that you believe your SIM is bad, and that you need a new one sent to you. 

    Just a reminder that SIM Cards are like micro mini hard drives. They can be shorted out in the silliest of things, like static on you. Make sure when replacing the SIM to touch something metal first before handling it, and do not install it while on carpeting because that is a conductor for static electricity. 

    If after the SIM replacement, you are noticing that you are still having the issues, ask your carrier if they have a 611 text number and then text them to see if you can get the APN settings automatically sent to your phone. Tracfone does have their own 611 texting help, 611611, and they will send the APN settings, but it doesn't fill it all in, so at that point, you would have to go to their webpage and get the rest for MMS settings to be finished. When finished, you will have to reboot your phone to make sure that the carrier APN settings are activated, and you should be able to enjoy at that point. (Something that I wish I would have remembered when setting my mom's phone up because I tried to send my cousin a photo with a text message letting her know that it was my mom's new phone number, and the photo wouldn't send... so all she got from my mother was "It Me," which gave her the scare of the day. After the phone reboot, the photo sent perfectly fine, ending the scare.) 

    But if after all of that, you're still having issues, you would want to do a factory reset and then take it from there in programming the phone for your carrier. 

    Hope these suggestions help. 
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