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buttons Not working in locked screen [SOLVED]


buttons Not working in locked screen [SOLVED]

Posted on 2019-06-28 13:48:15 edited June 2019 Unlocked Phones Vote Up0Vote Down
Solution: the LG K11+ has a proximity light sensor next to the ear phone speaker, 
the sensor was loose because of a fall.i just pressed the cellphone front & back in that area and the connector inside returned in place again... sensor working, lock screen works ok again.

buttons Not working in locked screen
Messagelast week my phone started to behave strange... usually, when screen is timeout, i could push volume up & down buttons to activate quicknotes or camera... but Now does Not work... also i could wake up the phone with finger print, Now i cant... buttons work ok, when im on desktop, problem is when screen is locked, i have set to 30 minutes, but goes instantly to screen lock... when i knock-on the screen or push the power button.
the only way to wake up the phone is double click power button..."like a screen capture", this is very weird i moved nothing on the phone settings... it was working ok... one day, started to misbehave.
i tryed Turn Off and Turn On.
i tryed Safe Mode,
i tryed Power Reset.

No luck. LG K11+ lm-x410fc latest OS.


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    RE: buttons Not working in locked screen [SOLVED]

    JamalofLGJamalofLG LG Moderator
    Posted on 2019-06-28 16:35:53 Vote Up0Vote Down
    JuanPC, where was the unit purchased?

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