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Firmware update problems G710ULM

I have a factory unlocked G7 running version update version G (G710ULM10g).

Firmware update problems G710ULM

Posted on 2019-07-10 23:37:37 Cell Phones Vote Up0Vote Down
I have a factory unlocked G7 running version update version G (G710ULM10g). When I manually check for software update from the phone, it says I am running the latest even though version J is available on the web site. Seeing how this is a factory unlocked model, would not expect that I'm using Simple Mobile MVNO should have any effect here.

So next I try installing LG Bridge ver 1.2.54 and doing software update there, but it also errors with "Cannot check software update version". I have tried several times over the past week, no change The phone shows as connected in Bridge, and the backup runs fine. Phone shows it is connected to PC in "File Transfer Mode". Running from home so there is no proxy server, all other internet connectivity is fine.

There is a log created at %LOCALAPPDATA%\LG Electronics\LG Bridge\SWUpgrade\PhoneLog
The log contains the following

-> 18:07:34: [DAVID????]Start Normal Upgrade
-> 18:07:34: [DAVID????]SWVerCheck Start
-> 18:07:34: [DAVID????]m_nNeedCount default set = 0
-> 18:07:34: [DAVID????][SWVCheckStart] Start
-> 18:07:34: [DLL]SetDownloadDir Start
-> 18:07:34: [DAVID????][SWVCheckStart] SetDownloadDir path = C:\Users\Somebody\AppData\Local\LG Electronics\LG Bridge\SWUpgrade
-> 18:07:46: [DAVID????][SWVCheckStart] CheckOneCMD END NORMAL : G710ULM10G_00
-> 18:07:52: [DLL]SetPhoneOSInfo Start
-> 18:07:52: [DLL]SetPhoneOSInfo End ver = 8.0, code = O?0
-> 18:07:57: [DLL]API call beta_cse_Check for test IMEI
-> 18:07:57: [DLL]API call beta_cse_Check
-> 18:07:57: [DLL]API call auth_model_Check for test IMEI
-> 18:07:58: [DLL]API call auth_model_Check for test IMEI return FAIL
-> 18:07:58: [DLL]API call auth_model_check2
-> 18:07:58: [DLL]API call gn_initial_version_info
-> 18:07:58: [DLL]API call gn_initial_version_info return req_cmd='gn_initial_version_info' status='FAIL'
-> 18:07:58: [DLL]MSG_AUTH_FAIL cause result = 2, initial version info  = fail
-> 18:07:58: [DAVID????]SWVerCheck show popup code = 4

Looking for tips on how to get either update method working.


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    RE: Firmware update problems G710ULM

    dan409dan409 Member
    Posted on 2019-07-11 12:48:09 Vote Up0Vote Down
    I am having the same problem. Phone is recognized but will not update any software using LG bridge.
    I am still stuck on June 2018 security patch and have never received any updates either using phone update check or LG bridge. 
    I called LG support 3 times and they keep saying they will call back with tech help. That was 3 months ago and still nothing from them.
    Needless to say this will be the last pos LG I ever purchase or recommend to anyone.
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    RE: Firmware update problems G710ULM

    BontraBontra Member
    Posted on 2019-07-12 00:37:06 Vote Up-5Vote Down
    C'mon LG! I've got one additional victim here on your forum, and 5 for the same post on reddit. What's the deal here? Tell us what's going on and fix this please. 
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    RE: Firmware update problems G710ULM

    dan409dan409 Member
    Posted on 2019-08-01 19:16:46 Vote Up5Vote Down
    Seems as though I owe LG an apology. I finally found out why I cannot upgrade my phone.
    This phone was purchased used from Swapper as a USA unlocked device. After some research
    and call to LG customer service I found out that this phone was actually an International version, thus the reason for no updates.  
    My apologies to LG for my dumb mistake !
    After more checking on XDA forums seems like the phone was cross flashed from international version to the US model. LG bridge checks the IMEI and comes back with a mismatch and thus no updates. Oh well, live and learn I guess. 

    What sucks is that even LG cannot tell which international version the phone is, even using the IMEI listed on phone. 

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    RE: Firmware update problems G710ULM

    skoalskoal Member
    Posted on 2019-08-15 19:46:10 Vote Up0Vote Down
    Hi dan409,

    I am in the same situation as you. Anything new on your side? Or we just wait for LG to do something? 
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