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"ASC", "Cinema" or "Bass Blast"?

Hello, so I've been using an LGSK4D Sound Bar for a while now, but something has always confused me.

"ASC", "Cinema" or "Bass Blast"?

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Hello, so I've been using an LGSK4D Sound Bar for a while now, but something has always confused me. The remote has 3 options for audio, "Auto Sound Control", "Cinema" and "Bass Blast". There is no option to adjust the equalization manually and I can't figure out what  each one does on a technical level. Can someone explain to what the settings are and, in their opinion, which one is the best?

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    RE: "ASC", "Cinema" or "Bass Blast"?

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    Since I haven’t been able to find any detailed reviews of each sound mode online, I’ve posted my opinion of each sound effect mode on the SL8YG soundbar. Some will apply to yours.

    After playing around with each sound mode, I’ve come to the conclusion that each has their pluses and minuses, obviously. All of my EQ and channel adjustments are at their default setting to 0 except for the Center Channel which is at 4. 

    Keep in mind this is just my opinion. Everybody has their own individual preferences. Room acoustics are certainly a factor. I have a somewhat mid-sized living room with high slanted ceilings in a condo.


    The Good: The clearest and most balanced sound mode overall for all content. Good uniformity between high and low frequencies.

    The Bad: Sometimes lacks the cinematic richness and immersion when watching movies.

    Bass Blast:

    The Good: Surprisingly satisfying clarity along with powerful sound. 

    The Bad: Disparity between quiet, normal, and loud scenes can be too overdramatic. I had to use the volume control several times to turn the content up and down. 


    The Good: Decent audio and good balance for overall listening.

    The Bad: Dialogue is consistently hollow and hard to hear over background noise. 

    Movie (or Cinema): 

    The Good: Incredible richness and immersive audio, especially when watching movies. Clarity is pretty good too. Overall this is the loudest sound mode.

    The Bad: Some percussion during simultaneous music and action sequences are nearly muted despite DRC and auto-volume being disabled. Dialog occasionally sounds a bit hollow (compared to ASC) during intense action sequences as well  


    The Good: Haven’t had much experience with this mode. It’s said to be one of the better modes for listening to music.

    The Bad: Very narrow and thin sound while watching movies and TV shows.

    IMO I prefer ASC for all of my content followed very closely by Movie mode. Although ASC isn’t perfect, it’s definitely the clearest and provides a good balance without adjusting any EQ settings. If only it had the richness and immersive impact that Movie mode has it’d be perfect.



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    RE: "ASC", "Cinema" or "Bass Blast"?

    cineman04cineman04 Member
    Posted on 2019-10-09 18:16:39 Vote Up0Vote Down
    I mostly agree. I have the SL10YG and use movie mode for almost all content including music. The other modes over all don't sound like $1200 dollars should sound, kind of disappointing. My woofer level is in the middle at 0 and ironically the bass blast mode has the LEAST amount of bass from the woofer. The longer I go with this bar the more I think it's in serious need of firmware updates to improve the sound. 
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