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My issues with Smart Thinq

I got one of the new LG Air Conditioning systems with mirror finish.

My issues with Smart Thinq

Posted on 2019-07-21 22:19:55 LG ThinQ Vote Up0Vote Down
I got one of the new LG Air Conditioning systems with mirror finish. Paid a premium just for the connectivity but in mu opinion this is extremly poor (on iOS at least). Here are the issues I encountered with the app.

1. Every few days the app crashes instantly upon startup, have to delete and reinstall.
2. AC takes 5-10 seconds to update its status even if I’m on the same Wifi netowork.
3. It takes a few moments to send the command when trying to change the temperatures/settings...
4. No Apple Shortcuts supoorted / Siri / IFTTT in any way shape or form. A simple Shortcut implementation would enable iphone users to have for example their AC start when they tell siri via Carplay to drive home, AC would start at a set temperature.
5. Outdated design

Any chances you adress these in the future? I mean yea, it’s ‘smart’ but not $1500 smart...I picked LG because I knew they do things right but honestly this was such a huge disapointment that I wanted to return the AC unit...too bad I discovered all these only after its installation.


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    RE: My issues with Smart Thinq

    cucumburcucumbur Member
    Posted on 2019-08-22 09:19:52 Vote Up0Vote Down
    After spending almost 4 figures on a portable AC in large part for the "smart" features, these are the exact issues I have. 
    On top of the ones you have listed, I can't add or modify any new schedules, and my old ones started changing the times randomly and either wasting electricity / turning off at night and waking me up from heat.
    Agreed with your thoughts. I don't know why people aren't more upfront about it in reviews - maybe they're just only using it via physical controls.
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