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Media Server will no longer connect/stream content

I have a HDD connected to my Netgear Router.

Media Server will no longer connect/stream content

Posted on 2017-10-24 15:21:53 Super UHD TVs Vote Up0Vote Down

I have a HDD connected to my Netgear Router. Router has the latest firmware, and the HDD with media is properly shared and can be accessed internally and externally on my network. I have an FTP configured, basically the whole 9 yards. I can access this through computers and other applications, except the TV.

All the sudden, lately, it seems the TV, when I try to access the HDD, it says "Unstable Connection" and then I back out of the screen. I've reboot all internet equipment, TV, etc. No luck. The TV is the latest firmware as well, which I don't know if it were a recent TV or Router firmware update that would've made it break.

Is there a limitation to how large of a network storage device it can access? I doubt it because this is a network share and not local storage worrying about 2TB drive limitation or something. I've swapped out HDDs just in case with no luck. I prefer not to connect directly to the TV because then I lose accessibility of other content on the drive on all other devices.

Router is Netgear R6700, TV 65UH8500. Everything is hardwired on my network through an unmanaged switch and static IPs. This has never been an issue before like I said up until a couple days ago. I did hard reset the TV and this has not helped. There is a completely unrelated problem with the HDMI ports as well losing ARC but temporarily as a workaround I just run Optical to the receiver instead. Maybe it's update related since I cannot see/confirm the patch date of the TV?

Is there any way to roll a TV update back?


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    RE: Media Server will no longer connect/stream content

    AlexanderAlexander LG Moderator
    Posted on 2018-11-19 16:09:49 Vote Up0Vote Down
    @exboxnick, Good day,

    The size of your network storage should not matter, unfortunately there is no way to roll a update backward. 

    Do you have any issues with any other apps on the TV working on your network? Have you tried changing the 2.4 and 5.0 frequencies? Also try changing the Chanel your router is on.

    lastly, if that still does not work, you can have a tech inspect your unit.
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