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Power Users

Power Users

LG Community Power Users

Have you ever wanted super powers? Join our community forum and help other members with their questions for a chance to become a LG Power User with added features and reward benefits from LG.

Getting Started

  1. Register on LG Community Forum.

  2. Earn points by active performance and activites.

  3. Provide answers to questions from other users.

  4. Get helpful votes and accepted answers.

Contributor Expert Guru
Provide Answers O O O
Move or Merge Discussions X O O
Moderate ther user's discussion X X O
Close Discussions X X O
Write Articles O O O
Moderate Articles O O O
Rewards Click Here Click Here Click Here
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You must agree to the Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions applicable to members and LG Power Users.


LG Community rewards top contributors who earn certain number of points and achieve simple milestones. Eligible members will be awarded LG Power User's contributor badge and a printed certificate of appreciation will be mailed to these members who have spent significant time providing helpful answers to other member's questions on the community forum.

How to become a contributor:

  • Earn 80 helpful points.

  • Earn 10 accepted answers.

Contributors Rewards


  • Contributor's badge.

  • Certificate of appreciation


Becoming an expert on the community forum is exciting and rewarding. You will have super powers and will gain esteemed reputation to millions of LG product owners. As an expert, you will be awarded an online experts badge. To appreciate your contributions on the forum, a brand new LG Tone Headset will be delivered to you in the mail!

How to become an Expert:

  • Earn 150 helpful points.

  • Earn 25 accepted answers.

  • Write 20 helpful blog articles.

Experts Rewards


  • Expert's badge.

  • LG Tone headset


Helping other people has never been this exciting! Our Gurus will be invited to LG's Annual Exclusive Party with all expenses covered. Each Guru will be presented an award of excellence plaque celebrated by the president and digital services team for their contributions and endless effort to help other users on the community.

How to become a Guru:

  • Earn 300 helpful points.

  • Earn 40 accepted answers.

  • Write 50 helpful blog articles.

GURU Rewards


  • Guru Badge.

  • LG's Annual Exclusive Party

  • Award of excellence plaque

Power User Terms & Conditions

    Entry to the program

    • Each Power User level requires the minimum value in All categories listed below.

    • Earning Helpful points to become eligible for each Power User level.

      • Helpful points are earned when other users mark your answer as Helpful using the provided interface*.

      • Contributor: Must earn a minimum of 80 Helpful points.

      • Expert: Must earn a minimum of 150 Helpful points.

      • Guru: Must earn a minimum of 250 Helpful points.

    • Earning Accepted Answers

      • Accepted Answers can be earned when the Original Poster marks your answer as “This answered my question” using the provided interface*.

    • Creating Blog Posts

      • Blog posts can be created once you reach the Contributor level, and must be relevant to your LG Product. Blog posts will be created and stored in the appropriately named category, and will be clearly identifiable**.

      • Contributor: No Blog posts required.

      • Expert: Must create a minimum of 20 Blog posts.

      • Guru: Must create a minimum of 60 Blog posts.

    • Once the above requirements are met for each level, the potential Power User becomes eligible for entry to the program.

    • Eligible users will be reviewed by LG staff, and offered a promotion if selected.

      • Selection criteria is at the sole discretion of LG Electronics, and may use factors such as:

        • Were the helpful posts legitimate?

        • Were the Accepted Answers legitimate?

        • Did the Blog posts follow the Blog posting rules?

        • Does the user exhibit the behavior necessary to moderate on behalf of LG?

        • Does the Power User program have open positions available?

      • If accepted into the Power User program, LG will require Personal Information, such as Name, Address, Phone Number, for the purposes of distributing Power User rewards.

        • If the Power User prefers not to share personal information LG, the Power User can still participate in the program, but will not be eligible to receive any rewards which require the withheld information.

    • Conduct within the Power User program

      • Power Users are considered to be representing LG Electronics’ interests within the community, and should behave as such.

      • Power Users are expected to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of the community, and to see that other participants in the community adhere to them as well.

        • Moderation privileges increase commensurate with Power User level.

        • Depending on level, Power Users may warn members, edit posts, or delete posts depending on the severity of the infraction.

      • Power Users may be removed from the program at any time, at the sole discretion of LG Electronics.

      • LG Electronics reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Power User program at any time without prior notice to You.

      • Power Users will follow the Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions, Legal , and Privacy Policy while using the Site.

      • Employees of LG Electronics, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and their immediate family and household members are not eligible for the Power User program.

      Earning Rewards***

      • Acceptance into the Power User program and subsequent promotion within the program automatically qualifies the Power User for the rewards associated with that level.

      • Contributor:

        • Certificate of Achievement mailed to Power User.

        • Digital Badge – Contributor Level

      • Expert:

        • LG Tones Bluetooth Headset

        • Digital Badge – Expert Level

      • Guru:

        • LG Community Forum Guru Event

          • Hosted in Huntsville, AL (LG US Support headquarters)

          • Guru provided with Plane Ticket, Hotel for 1 night, and Entry to the event.

            • Event includes a tour of the LG Support facility in Huntsville, gathering of Community members and related LG staff, and Plaque award ceremony.

        • Award of Excellence Plaque – Handed to Power User in person at the LG Community Forum Guru event.

        • Digital Badge – Guru Level

  • *Interface subject to change at any time, without notice. | **Ask your Community Leader for more information. | ***Reward offerings subject to change at any time, without notice.