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  • Hi Apppro, To get the voicemail onto the phone it's an app, so it needs to download the audio files (the app uses data to download them). You can disable the app and call to get your voicemail instead.  That way you use cellular instead of data. …
  • Hi Jhouston, Yes, though we don't sell those products. You can find wireless headphones that come with the transmitter in the package, and you can find converters, which change the optical signal into 3.5mm (or other AV options).  I hope that hel…
  • Hi Davidle, The TV may not be in listening mode.  Open the Screen Share app on the TV and check the setting at the top that says "Listening Mode."  You should be able to use miracast while the Screen Share app is open, regardless of that setting.  …
  • Hi Dbrickens, Yes, as long as the dimensions of the space, ventilation, and available electrical connection meet the requirements.  You can find the manual on to check the safety precautions.…
  • Hi Cdroland234, A couple of things to mention here: 1. Rooting is never completely safe.  You'll always run the risk of bricking your phone.  A lot of people do it successfully, but you'll also see a lot of people that fail.  Depending on when thin…
    in Root device Comment by Ryan January 2019
  • Hi Dave, Agreed.  I'll pass that recommendation to R&D and see if we can get some traction on it.  The 4K upgrade on the earlier OLED was at the owners' expense, I believe about $500 for the hardware and installation, so I would expect the sam…
  • I see, what model is your tv? 
    in Bose solo 5 Comment by Ryan January 2019
  • Hi Veryconfused, It could be the cable type.  Ultrawide is wider than VGA or single-link DVI can handle, and the unsupported resolution may cause it to frequently try to re-adjust.  If you're using HDMI, DP, Dual-link DVI, USB-C, or Thunderbolt, yo…
  • Hi Bob, I found this video of someone that was able to make it work.  Give it a try and let me know if it works (I'm also escalating this to the developers to resolve the issue).  Thanks, ~Ryan
    in Bose Solo Comment by Ryan January 2019
  • Hi AMK, Take a look at the video link I posted in this other thread and let me know if it works for you:  Thanks, ~Ryan
  • Hi Guys, I found this video of someone that was able to make it work.  Give it a try and let me know if it works.  Meanwhile, I'm sending this to the developers to find and correct the issue. Thanks, ~R…
  • Hi John, I'm glad you were able to get it working, and thanks for sharing your experience. Just to clarify, your monitor does support 4K@60Hz via any input, but for HDMI it requires that HDMI Deep Color is set to On.  That also means the graphics …
    in LG 27MU88-W Comment by Ryan January 2019
  • Hi h2020, What have you tried so far?  Does the green light on the Wireless receiver stay solid? This is from the manual.  I highlighted the section that applies to you. I don't have this model available to test at my location, but I would guess …
  • Hi Patrickjf1, The most common reason I see for this is that the headphones are already connected to another device.  For example, when you turn on the headset, it probably auto-connects to at least one of those other devices.  If you can disconnec…
  • Hi Faulkster, I'm not familiar with the screen size setup page.  Is that possibly in the Fios software? Post a screen shot if you can, and I'll try to figure it out. Thanks, ~Ryan